About us

About us

iMAX Diagnostic Imaging is a pharmaceutical company focused on contrast agents. The company is committed to develop and deliver high quality products that are manufactured in Europe according to the highest standards.

iMAX Diagnostic Imaging sells its products through distribution or license agreements with local partners.


iMAX Diagnostic Imaging is a recently formed company dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of generic contrast agents for clinical imaging.

iMAX Diagnostic Imaging is a vertically integrated company consolidating more than 20 years of leadership in chemical synthesis and manufacturing of iodinated Contrast Agents Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with Drug Product manufacturing.

iMAX Diagnostic Imaging's control across the supply chain allows for stringent quality oversight in all steps of manufacturing in a cost efficient manner.


Phoenix House, Room 137 Monahan Road, Co Cork, Ireland

Phone/Fax + 353 21 4519990

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