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Data Privacy Statement

As part of what we do, we may collect and process your personal information. This gives you more detail about what we do with that personal information.

Patients and healthcare practitioners encountering our products
iMAX Diagnostic is the license holder of generic contrast agents used in radiologic diagnostics, such as XRay, and CT and MRI scanning.

In certain, limited circumstances, iMAX Diagnostic may obtain information about patients encountering an iMAX Diagnostic product where either (i) the patient has suffered, or potentially suffered, an adverse reaction in connection with that product; or (ii) there is a complaint in respect of the product. In such cases, iMAX Diagnostic may receive:
  • the patient’s name;
  • the patient’s address and other contact details;
  • details of the circumstances giving rise to the adverse reaction or complaint; and
  • indirectly, limited information relating to the health of the patient.
This information will have been provided to us by a healthcare practitioner using the product and/or filing the adverse reaction report or complaint.

In addition, iMAX Diagnostic may receive details relating to the healthcare practitioner.

This information is used only for, and will be kept by us only for so long as is required to:
  • fulfil our legal obligations as the licence holder of the product; and
  • establish, exercise or defend legal claims.
Our business relationships
We may collect and process personal information as the data controller when you engage in a business relationship with us, such as when:
  • you purchase or distribute our products;
  • we provide our products and services to you; or
  • you provide products and services to us.
We will not always be the controller of that personal information, but sometimes we may be.

Where the personal information comes from?
The personal information we collect may have come directly from you (for example, through an email, from a business card or through some other connection). In other cases, the personal information may have been gathered from someone else (for example, LinkedIn), or provided to us by the business you work for or represent.

The type of personal data we may not have collected from you directly, but in respect of which we may be the data controller, includes:
  • name
  • email or other messaging address
  • business you work for
  • profession, job title and role
  • telephone number
  • other publicly available information (e.g. from web searches and professional social media sites)
What we use your personal information for?

Enquiries, product information and business development
This part relates to personal information you share when you:

(i) make enquiries about our products and services, including through:
  • completion of our on-line enquiry form;
  • registering for access to our on-line product information pages;
  • any other request that we contact you (whether implied or explicit); or
  • in response to any contact we make with you, or
(ii) otherwise engage with us for business purposes.

We will use this personal information, or any other information you provide as part of a request or in subsequent communications or interactions before we enter a business relationship:
  • to progress and/or manage your enquiries and requests (including providing you with information or documentation you have asked for or which is relevant to your enquiry);
  • for business development purposes; and
  • where relevant, to conduct pre-contract discussions and negotiations.

Your personal information is processed in this way for our legitimate business interests, which means the interests of iMAX Diagnostic in conducting and managing our business but, most importantly, to give you the best service and products we can.

How long do we keep this personal information?
If we do not enter a business relationship with you, we will keep this information for a period of no more than twelve months after you last make contact with us or, in the case of your registration for our on-line product information pages, when you last access those pages.

Our business dealings with you
Any personal information provided to us in the course of our business relationship is used only for the purposes of managing that business relationship. We need to do this to ensure our respective contractual obligations are met.

How long do we keep this personal information?
We will keep this information until the later of: (i) ten years after the date on which our business relationship ceases; or (ii) the date on which the period we are required by law to retain the information ends.

Additional privacy information

Other uses
Your personal information will also be processed:
  • to manage your personal data in accordance with this privacy notice; and
  • to comply with our data protection and other legal obligations.
Legitimate interests
When we process your personal information for our legitimate interests, we make sure we have considered and balanced the potential impact on you. We will never use your personal information in a way that is detrimental to your interests.

Where we process your personal information for purposes we consider to be in our legitimate interest, you have the right to object to this processing. You may exercise this right by writing to us at our address. If you do object, this may affect our ability to manage our business relationship with you.

Who else gets your personal information?
To help us provide our services, we may share your personal information with third parties who provide services to iMAX Diagnostic. These will include:
  • consultants providing pharmacovigilance and other regulatory services;
  • information technology and information services providers;
  • suppliers of products and services to iMAX Diagnostic; and
  • professional and other third-party advisers.
These third parties can only use the personal information we share to provide their services to us or to support our processing of your personal information in the manner set out in this statement.

Your personal information is not shared with anyone else. It is not transferred outside the European Union, save to the extent we provide the personal information directly to you.

What are your rights?

Accessing, deleting, rectifying and moving your personal information
You have the right to:

(i) access your personal information;
(ii) require us to delete it;
(iii) rectify any personal information we hold that is incorrect; and/or
(iv) have your personal information transmitted to another data controller.

If you want to exercise these rights, please let us know in writing. You will need to provide sufficient information to verify and complete your request. We will complete your request within thirty days, subject to any legal or other requirements that requires us not to complete your request, in which case we shall inform you of this where we are permitted to do so.

Lodging a complaint
You can at any time complain about our processing of your personal information with your local data protection authority. iMAX Diagnostics’ supervisory authority is:

Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, R32 AP23, Co. Laois, Ireland

How do you contact us?

The data controller is: iMAX Diagnostic Imaging Limited

You can write to us at: Phoenix House, Room 137, Monahan Road, Cork, T12 H1XY, Republic of Ireland

You can email us at:

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